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Generation plan is among the most common plan in the MLM Industry, know more about this plan below our get a demo for free

MLM Software Features

MLM Generation Plan Software

What is MLM Generation Plan

MLM Generation plan is simple and purely a product selling plan mostly in the direct consumer products or in other words we can say that a daily use products. This plan is directly suits for a company who in the direct consumable daily products. The MLM Generation Plan can be define as a profit sharing business as when a members sales a product the share or the volume to be distributed towards the up-lines, this is one reason it called as MLM Generation Plan.

In the present market situation a regular companies have to do lot of expense in adverting and building up their market via chain of distributors, wholesale dealers retailers than to the final consumer whereas a MLM company can avoid all this chain and can sell their products direct to the final consumer with a help of Generation Plan Software.

How Generation MLM Plan software works for you

At Daani MLM Software we can offer you fully customized MLM software that is design and develop as per your needs. With a support of our creative and technically sound team and over a 13 years of our experience in MLM software services we can almost guarantee your satisfaction. The features of our MLM Generation Plan software can be define as below:-

Top features of our MLM Generation Plan software

1)A well organized technical team equipped with the latest infrastructure and above of all willing to work as per the needs of our clients.

2) Wide range of MLM software available both pre develop and custom developed MLM software’s for all sorts of plans.

3) We develop the software as per the needs of your plan and you can always ask for the custom development.

Free Demo of MLM Generation Plan

Just all our MLM Plans Software a free demo is available for MLM Generation plan as well, the best feature of demo is that you can schedule demo as per your comfort and time zone. One of our tech support members will there for you to guide you in case you need. Just feel free to sign up for free demo or drop a call back request in case you need more info.

MLM Software Demo

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Features of Our MLM Generation Plan

3 Star Package (International Package)

  • Max. Comm./Income calculation (6)


  • Home Page (logo, flash header, short description, achiever list, news)
  • Login (separate panel for members)
  • About Us (about company with one image)
  • Business Plan (business plan with animation)
  • Products (tabular detail with image, price, product name)
  • Legal (company registration form, PAN card, other legal documents)
  • Photo Gallery (achiever photos/event photos)
  • Terms and Conditions (terms and conditions for members)
  • Customer support (panel for support shootout)
  • Contact us (company address with phone, mobile and email address)
  • Web Pages (12)
  • Website Template Choose From(6)

Distributor Back Office

  • Dashboard
  • User Home Page (status of user)
  • Account details (member profile)
  • Bank modification (change bank a/c details)
  • Transaction password (change Transaction password)
  • Leg Status (leg status/direct member legs)
  • Direct joining (list of direct members)
  • Search member (search member in downline)
  • Current Payout(current tentative payout before closing)
  • Statement (printable payout statement)
  • E-Pin Request (request for purchasing E-Pin )
  • E-Wallet (purchase E-Pin from member's balance)
  • Logout(logout from current member)
  • Welcome Letter(formatted welcome letter)
  • Modify details (change basic details)
  • Change password (change login password)
  • Forced Tree
  • Binary Tree (show tree structure)
  • Genealogy Tree (direct to direct tree structure)
  • Downline (tabular list of member downlines)
  • Active Members (list of members who introduced members)
  • Closing Payout (payout credited in member account after closing)
  • TDS Report(TDS deduction list as per govt. rules)
  • Request status(pending/approved E-Pin request list)
  • Check E-Pin (check status of E-Pin )
  • E-Wallet status (balance status of E-Wallet)

Join Now/Signup

  • Option for join now as Unpaid
  • Option for join now via Serial number and E-Pin
  • SMS Integration on joining
  • Email integration (welcome email to new member's email)

E-Wallet Controlling (Functions related to E-Wallet)

  • Withdrawal Request
  • Balance transfer to downline
  • Balance transfer to Self Other Account
  • E-Pin Purchasing through E-Wallet
  • New Signup through E-Wallet
  • E-Wallet Statement

Admin Back Office

  • Dashboard
  • Member profile (edit member profile)
  • Password setting (change member's passwords)
  • Joining status(day wise joining count)
  • Report export (excel, word, pdf, csv)
  • Payout Closing(daily/weekly/monthly as per your plan)
  • Issue Cheque(cheque no to specify payout)
  • Payout Statement(closing wise statement)
  • TDS Report(TDS deduction of member)
  • ID wise payout Status(Payment status of Member Id )
  • Downline List(member ID's downline)
  • Member Upline(find upline list of any member )
  • Genealogy (Genealogy tree of member id )
  • E-Wallet Status(balance status)
  • Search Members(find member)
  • Check member status(achievement, joining, downline)
  • Promotion List (promotion wise member list)
  • Joining Report(day wise, city wise, downline wise)
  • Show Closing(date wise payout closing list)
  • NEFT System(mark payout as net banking)
  • PAN NO Report(member list with/without PAN Card)
  • Direct members(list of member's via sponsor id)
  • Binary Tree(Binary tree with mouse over detail )
  • Level wise Report (Level1, level2,..)
  • E-Pin Request(change status of request)
  • Achiever List ( CMS)
  • Rewards Achiever
  • Rewards
  • Rewards Delivered
  • Active/De-active Member (Block Member)
  • Downline
  • Genealogy – Tree View
  • Direct Tree
  • Binary Tree
  • Forced Tree
  • Phone Number List
  • Email List
  • Cheque wise Member List
  • Member wise Payment Status
  • Payout Detail – Company Status

E-Pin Generator

  • Generate E-Pin (product wise E-Pin generation)
  • Show E-Pin (list of all E-Pin product wise)
  • E-Pin status (available/used/block)
  • E-Pin summary(date wise/product wise E-Pin summary)
  • E-Pin issue(issue E-Pin to members)
  • Blocking E-Pin (block unused E-Pin )
  • Find E-Pin (find by serial no./E-Pin code)
  • Transferred E-Pin History

SMS Panel

  • Joining SMS (SMS on joining: purchase Web SMS Package Additional)
  • Date wise SMS (joining date filter SMS)
  • ID wise SMS (ID filter SMS)
  • Payout SMS (send SMS on every payout)
  • Promotional SMS (SMS on achievement)
  • Transactional SMS
  • Occasional SMS
  • Customized SMS
  • Integration as per requirement

Support Centre

  • Internal Message
  • Internal News
  • Complaint Status
  • Message List From Members
  • Generate Support Tickets
  • Check Ticket Status


  • Email (8)
  • Hosting (yes)

Payment Gateway Integration

  • Payment Gateway Integration (1)

4 Star Package (Universal Package)

Includes all features 3 Star
  • * 3rd Party API (2)
  • Bulk SMS
  • Third Party Chat Plugin Integration
  • * Max. Comm./Income calculation (8)
  • Multilingual (2)
  • Multicurrency (2)
  • Voucher/coupon Management


  • * Web Pages (18)
  • * Website Template Choose from (8)
  • * Multilingual (2)

E-Wallet Controlling (Functions related to E-Wallet)

  • Withdrawal Request
  • Balance transfer to downline
  • Balance transfer to Self Other Account
  • E-Pin Purchasing through E-Wallet
  • Product Purchasing through E-Wallet
  • New Signup through E-Wallet
  • E-Wallet Statement

Report Backup

  • Export to Excel
  • Export to Word
  • Export to PDF
  • Export to CSV

Franchise Management

  • Make Franchise
  • Issue Franchise
  • Edit/Update/Delete Franchise
  • Franchise Detail
  • Franchise Stock Status
  • Franchise business summary
  • Franchise to Other franchise Transaction
  • All Tracking Reports as per need

Printing Module

  • Issue Cheque
  • Print Cheque
  • Manual Cheque Print
  • Re-issue Cheque
  • Receipt Printing
  • Welcome Letter Printing
  • Label Printing
  • Id Card Printing
  • Statement Print


  • Dynamic Product Catalogue
  • Dynamic Category Management
  • Product Management
  • Order Management
  • Customer Management
  • Shopping cart
  • Invoice Management

Product Management

  • Unlimited Category Management
  • Manage Product Category wise
  • Add Products
  • Edit/Update/Block Product
  • Product Master
  • Product Details
  • Sales Reports
  • Print Invoices

Content Management (CMS)

  • New Products
  • Downloads
  • Photos
  • Latest News/Updates
  • Seminars/Training Schedule
  • New Rewards
  • Reward/Royalty Achievers
  • Content Update
  • Banner Update

Re-Purchase/Autoship Management

  • Business Volume Setting
  • Total PV/BV (Business Volume)
  • Autoship Status
  • Accumulative BV Report
  • Autoship Payout
  • Autoship Item Master
  • Autoship Status of Direct Downline
  • Customized autoship Reports as per need
  • Autoship On/Off
  • Manual Execution

Replicated Site

  • Can Change Layout
  • Can Change Video
  • Can Change Images
  • Can Update contact
  • Can Change Site Name
  • Can Change social Media
  • Can track Hits
  • Can track Business
  • Can Track signup
  • Real Time Creation
  • Unlimited Replicated site
  • CMS

Customer Back Office

  • Dash Board
  • Autoship status
  • Purchase History
  • Autoship On/Off
  • Customize Autoship Report

Admin Back Office

  • Advance Dashboard
  • Software Feature On/Off

Payment Gateway Integration

  • *Payment Gateway Integration (2)


  • Email 15
  • Hosting Yes

Add On

  • Dedicated Server
  • Dedicated Support

   *Does not include number from previous package

5 Star Package (Ultimate Package)

Includes all features of 3 Star & 4 Star
  • * 3rd Party API (4)
  • Ad Hoc Report
  • Bulk Email
  • Bulk Product Upload
  • Bulk SMS
  • Calendar
  • Third Party Chat Plugin Integration
  • Email CMS
  • Employee Management
  • * Max. Commission/Income Calculation (10)
  • Multicurrency Unlimited
  • Multilingual Unlimited
  • Payroll Management
  • Responsive Software
  • Shipping Management
  • Software API
  • Tax Management
  • Voucher/coupon Management


  • * Website Template Choose From (10)
  • Multilingual Unlimited
  • * Web Pages (25)
  • Responsive Website

Search Engine Optimization -Basic

  • Website Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Ad Posting
  • Backlinking
  • Search Engine Optimization Strategy
  • On Page Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization
  • Content Optimization

Stock/Inventory Management

  • Stock Status Report
  • Franchisee Report
  • Request products Detail
  • Issue Product
  • Product History
  • Shipping Management
  • Request Status Report
  • Customized Reports as per need

Dynamic Operator/ Staff Control Panel

  • Assign Role of any Features (Tons of Features)
  • Revoke Role of any Features (Tons of Features)
  • Work Done Tracking
  • Block/Delete operator

Company Accounting

  • Daybook Management
  • Ledger Management
  • Profit/Loss Management
  • Cost cutting Management
  • Budget Management Income Wise
  • Budget Management Resources Wise

Customer Back Office

  • Dash Board
  • Advance Dash Board
  • Autoship status
  • Purchase History
  • Autoship On/Off
  • Customize Autoship Report
  • Manual Execution

Admin Back Office

  • Advance Dashboard
  • Software Feature On/Off
  • Customize Change Back Office Color Theme


  • Email (25)
  • Hosting Yes

Payment Gateway Integration

  • *Payment Gateway Integration (4)

Add On

  • Dedicated Server
  • Dedicated Support
  • Mobile Apps

   *Does not include number from previous package