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Direct Selling Business in Canada, USA and Brazil

Direct Selling business is getting popular every day in Canada, USA and countries in South America. The biggest reason for its success is that it got the support of home base women like housewives and all. Direct Selling business has given a new meaning to a household income and given a new identity to housewives in all parts of the world.

One can start its Direct Selling business at a very low cost like $200 or so and then you can move on with your business. Even though there is a lot of companies in direct selling business but for you, we have marked and ranked some of the products and companies that you should go for a try. Most of the companies are located in the USA and Canada so it will be much easier and cheaper to within your reach if you like.

The basic needs before you start your direct selling business.

Investment – up to $200.

Separate Business Account.

Forms for the info to fill with

General Office accessories like a pen, pencil, paper calculators ext to manage your business.

A vehicle (just in case you need) and most important you must have spare time to manage your new business.

Here is the List of Top Direct Selling Companies both in Canada and USA

Mona Vie - Sell health juices Sponsor required No start-up cost listed on the website.

Mary Kay - Sell cosmetics and beauty products Start-up is $75.

JOCKEY Person to Person - Sell clothing and yes, underwear Start-up cost not listed on the website.

ACN Canada - World's largest direct seller of telecommunication services Start-up cost not listed on the website.

Amway - $62 to start-up your own business Variety of products you can sell.

Avon Canada - Sell beauty products, clothes and more Start-up cost not listed on the website

Tips To Manage and increase your Home base Business

Having a direct selling business is a totally different experience and you need to be very much perfect to manage it both online and offline. Below are the few points that might help you with your business:-

Throw Home Base Party

Try to raise your network by throwing a home party to your near and dear ones, let them know that you are doing a home base business and try to give them a demo of your products at the time you guys are partying.

Get to know more and more people

Try to get in touch with more and more people into a social activity. The more people will know about your business the more sales you can generate.

Get yourself a visiting card

It’s a simple process to leave your mark on others.

Put Your Business Online

Get your direct marketing selling business online as by doing this you can go global and work beyond the boundaries. Having your business online and managing can be very much easier. You can manage your home base business by direct selling software which has all the major features like payment gateway, product management and many more.

At Daani MLM Software we are offering just the kind of software that is suitable for all levels of online direct selling business or home base business and at a great price that will suits your pocket too. Try to drop your visit for a Free Demo of our Direct Selling Software and make your mind to sign up with a company with a professional experience of 15 years and more.

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